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Introducing… the mindblob - June 29th, 2006

Posted by mindblob in Food for thoughts.

The Blob
Dear Darwin, here we are. We’ve been challenging our brains for ages of existance to figure out who we are, where we’re from and where we are going to. We created an infinity of tools to facilitate the exchange of information from man to man. Time and distance became less and less problematic.

But now, we reached a point where, for the first time, brains can instantly connect to other brains, regroup, and grow… through time and space. So… great! What’s the next step? What will internet and access to global knowledge and communication bring us? Anything new? Yep! It is a revolution, an evolution, a real new perspective.

Big brands and labels don’t have the ultimate power of mass communication anymore. Simple customers, PC users, have the opportunity to talk back to the entire world with the strongest of all the communication tools ever : the internet. The inter-connections between people like you and me, making groups within a click of a mouse are changing the shape of our society. It is unstoppable, and is shaking (…positively imo) our world.

Creativity is now different and so is innovation. Brands have to rethink the way they talk to people and most of all the way they listen to their customers. Marketing has to adapt as well (marketing 2.0) to the new tools available on the WEB 2.0. Last but not least, advertisers, the super-hero-trend-setters of the old days, have to catch-up with this new reality.

What are the new perspective? The trends to expect? How are the marketing and communication professionnals going to react? Yes… this is another blog talking about the (same) subject. Let’s feed the mindblob!



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