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The new creative mind - June 30th, 2006

Posted by mindblob in Creativity.

The new creative mind

Thinking about “how to think” and organise ideas before launching them into reality… Here is a recent proposition of David Armano (Creative Director at Digitas), for the anatomy of the new creative mind. Basically, as the target audiences are evolving into more active/interactive kind of receptors (vs. untill now, vegetative receptors), the new creative minds need to integrate analytical, expressive, curious and sensual qualities into their thinking process. A blend of logical thinking and problem solving for advertisers on their way to integrate digital media to keep contact with their target audiences (although the word “audience” should maybe be reconsidered as target is now also empowered to act and react to the brands and messages sent their way).

As David mentioned on his blog [*] , this article [ source Adodas ] is an interesting overview of the situation advertising agencies are currently facing.

Another proposition, somehow linked to the new creative mindset… should we think like designers? [ source FastCompany.com] Tim Brown (CEO from Ideo – one of the world’s leading product-design firms) says so.

Is this process a real conductor to efficient creativity? Does this help shape and build ideas into reality? Well… In the meantime, let’s keep thinking.

[* visual by David Armano]



1. The Artist - - June 30th, 2006

My understanding of creativity is that you need to work on your inspiration and the blocks that keep you from accessing this inspiration.

After many years as an arts’ graduate, arts’ teacher and artist I find this scientific breakdown of creativity very different from my experience of how creativity works.

I appreciate you are relating creativity to advertising here, but if the product is something that will not add to our world my understanding it that it would fail to inspire true creative thought.

All true creative thought leads our world forward.

2. mindblob - - June 30th, 2006

Glad to read your comment. Indeed… the product of creativity should always add to our world and… yes, true creative thoughts lead our world forward.

Your comment points out something extremely important here about the creative process. Art is or should be (imo) a free creative process. The limits (if there are any) are those chosen by the artist him/herself. It is a mode of expression a direct link between personnal emotions and the real world.

Within the advertising context, things are (it’s a fact) more complicated for the creatives. We obvioulsy can’t say it is a “free Art”. In advertising agencies, creative teams spend a tremendous amount of time fighting the blocks that keep them from accessing true creative toughts. Not easy to fit marketing expectations, a given product to sell, client’s subjective perception of the target, real target itself… within their “creative process”.

The illustration proposed by David Armano is a proposition on the creative mindset of a person trying to create something linked to a brand or product to sell. What internet and WEB 2.0 brings is a new parameter : the fact that every single customer can now interact.

From an artist perspective now (please tell me if I’m right), internet also brings a new dimention and that is the fantastic opportunity to both share their emotional landscape and to meet people on the same frequency… all over the planet.

3. winsomegunning - - July 3rd, 2006

I absolutely agree with your last statement. Meeting people such as yourself and finding a true understanding of the `joy and wonder’ that resonates in our world is so powerful.

I hope together all the `kindred spirits’ around our world can find ways to create a new awareness.

It feels to me so many people are waking up and wanting a renewed world.

Best wishes, The Artist

4. creative mindset - - July 3rd, 2006

I find it intriguing the idea that “Web 2.0” is somehow new to marketing. Marketing was originally supposed to be customer centric, it just wasn’t always conducted that way. Now suddenly we are being told there is a “new customer directed paradigm.” How new is it? Marketers are going to have to do real marketing? Weren’t customers always king? I have this suspicion the dirt on the M word is being cleaned off . .

5. mindblob - - July 4th, 2006

Interesting perspective you point out. Yes, of course, marketing is supposed to be customer centric, that’s perfectly right.

Until now, marketing and advertising was using traditional media (TV, press, radio, cinema, billboards, guerrilla, etc.). The thing is that now, there is a new communication canal to be considered : customers themselves.

The thing is that now customers have the ability to share opinions and spread widely over the net. Web 2.0 just brings tools to customers to acheive that. Today, 85% of all the internet sites on the web are personal websites, published by customers themselves, so the communication power they now have is… enormous.

The audience is not depending on media anymore to find and share information. The audience is not listening like it used to be.

Question is : how is marketing going to integrate their own customers into their media plan? Imagine, 1 single and legitimate unhappy customer, spreading his experience over the net… finding echos of other customers like him. This could create a disaster in terms of image communication. Brands spend millions to convince people they are the best… well, they could spend even more to recuperate such an event on the web. AOL just experienced such a case-story. I’ll post that example.

On the other hand. A real good label (even the smallest on earth), carried by customers over the net, could reach unexpected peaks… if people communicate positively about it. So if customers used to be kings… they could turn out to be Gods if brands don’t understand that communication is now more than ever bilateral.

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