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Why? What… - July 23rd, 2006

Posted by mindblob in Thought of the day.
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Why a situation like that… What could we do to stop it?

As stupid as it might seem… although I didn’t want this blog to refer to politics, religion, or anything like that… I feel sorry about what’s happening to people in Lebanon and IsraĆ«l.

Can’t help it… I think about it and think it’s a sad part of human history being writen under our eyes. We all know this world is full of injustice, we all know some people are lucky other are not. Well I feel like shouting today : IT IS NOT FAIR ! Although I don’t have the keys to point one guilty nation, leader or whoever… what I can point out is innocent people suffering on both sides.

If all the creatives of this planet could gather and think about a way to stop unfair situations like that… they should concentrate right now and connect their brains. Well, I’m being idealist, I know, but anyway… I’d rather beleive it will be possible one day and keep thinking, than closing my eyes.