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connecting ideas


Mindblob is learning the journey of ideas from brain(s) to reality.
Fact : People (brains) getting connected around the globe through the internet. More everyday. This leads to a new way of thinking. Obviously will lead to a new way of acting as well. But hey… step by step, right!

So, here is web 2.0… tools available to get people connected, make them talk and share whatever they want. Then, there is marketing 2.0, trying to use media 2.0 tools and networks to link people to brands and basically… make the first (people) buy the second (brands) – well yes, sometimes the other way around too… that’s the way it is.

Connecting ideas and being abble to shape, re-shape, finetune, develop and produce them, thanks to a network of motivated people, is now possible. No blocks like distance, censorship, autority of a boss or even sometimes yourself.

Mindblob is a pointer to existing ideas… to help you feed your own.



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